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Business License InformationBusiness License Information

Any individual, company or partnership that engages in business activity in Whittier must have a business license for that activity. Business activity includes nonprofit as well as profit operations. A separate license is required for each business activity that falls within a different line of business. A business which engages in several different activities in a single location will need a business license for each activity.

A business license is not transferable. If a business is sold, the new owner must purchase a new license. To apply for a new business license or renew your business license, please complete the City of Whittier Business License Application and return it along with the $50 license fee and a copy of your State of Alaska Business License.

It is mandatory that you register for either a Sales Tax Collection or a Passenger Transportation Business Tax Collection(PTBT). The tax registration period will be concurrent with your business license and will need to be renewed at the same time.

Forms Required for License






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